We are opening up

For the longest time iv been hinting that I will be opening up somewhere and that time has finally come,, for the last few months iv been working at gaining a consistent clientele and also expanding on a few whole sale items to help ease this transition.Been winter things do quiet down abit, but we decided we will be taking the opportunity to open to the public and give this our best shot 🥳😄

I have the vision and I have the drive,,
I know we have some amazing products and I’m excited to just get out there to an even bigger audience and establish ourselves as a go to Dairy free, egg free, meat free & Gelatin free Bespoke Artisan Kitchen.

I am changing the way we bake and i want to share that, i want to help, train and teach what can be accomplished with a little creativity and a few special kitchen skills. Skills are important to get you where you want to be, I know i can add value by continuing to be innovative, Leaving out the factory farming and supporting our local entrepreneurs in all possible ways. Teaching people where their food comes from and what that means is so important to better health and a better environment, from the soil we plant in to how we prepare and consume it!


Our expenses with this venture will Increase 3x what it is at now,, but in the bigger picture of things this is the right direction and I’m determined to make it work! Making a purchase with me, having your event catered by us OR buying from our online shop helps us move forward.

I am so excited to welcome you to the little space ill be occupying for the remainder of this year inside Cavendish square at a trendy lil concept called
We are EGG 😄🥳

Hello Southern Suburbs,, Hello Cavendish… Hello We are EGG!

There are 2 product vouchers available to purchase online, you can purchase them for yourself or as a gift. The Gift vouchers and all necessary information are in the description and on the gift vouchers you’ll download after purchase. If you want to assist in another way please reach out! If you want to come see me i will be at We are EGG Daily from 1 September

Here is a list of things i need to get done or need to purchase, to give YOU an idea of where your help can go:

🌱Pots , Pans ,cooking utensils, serving boards for display
🌱Baking Trays – Flat baking Trays up to the biggest 35cmx35cm
🌱A cooling rack/ Stand (Or something to put the cooling items on)
🌱kitchen aid attachment (Dough hook / Paddle & Whisk) for industrial professional Or fixing the whisk Attachment I have
🌱Kitchen aid needs service – Kitchen aid is 20+ years of age
🌱Signage _ Our logo and a board to display our offerings (Not a chalk board)
🌱All bio-degradable containers/ serving containers /serviettes / glasses
cutlery /serving boards
🌱Baking paper, A stamp with our Logo / website
🌱Stock containers/ Buckets /Glass jars
🌱New Yoco machine
🌱Uniform/fitted Black Chef Jackets, with our Logo Embroidered.
🌱Some bulk ingredients to get us going and fill our fridges and freezers with yummy foods!

I am so Great full to be able to reach out to a community i know has supported me from the start.


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