Vegan Carrot Cupcakes

12 Moist Vegan carrot Cupcakes


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Unfortunately we will be unable to do any baked goods till level 2 lock down.

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Its vegan you say?

Yes , 100% vegan! Proving undoubtedly that a Cupcake doesn’t need eggs or diary to make it as delicious as you can imagine.


Where does the recipe come from?

Its no secret that carrot cake is an all time classic. This recipe was adapted from a recipe that asked for 6 eggs, it was trial and error until the perfect egg substitute came to light

and viola… the best vegan carrot cake was born.

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What about the flavour?

Soft, moist and full of flavor, finished off with a lemon coconut buttercrem. Our carrot cake is made with the freshest ingredients crushed pineapple and hand grated fresh carrots for

every batch. Roasted pecans and cinnamon give this cake its lingering sweet nutty after tones.

Did you know?! It only gets better with age! Seven days after this cake is made it taste even better than when it was freshly iced, so don’t be scared to leave it in the fridge for the week or freeze half. You won’t be disappointed.

How can I get my hands on this amazing carrot Cupcakes?

Order here right now.

We deliver every Wednesday during the lockdown.




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