Gluten-free chocolate Brownie


Our decadent dark chocolate brownies are are tasty and gluten-free made with our house blend gluten-free flours and  72% Cocoa Chocolate which is a great ingredient as its flavour pairs well with basically everything ! A versatile dessert base like no other and better yet Free from any animal derivatives that means No egg No dairy No gelatine No animals Harmed! we help the creative juices flow in the buzzing kitchen ,without the stress of making the Base you now have the   ability to become very creative with it, Coconut whipped cream and Fresh berries make a great combination, a must have base for any situation to impress any guest and never having to turn anyone away because of unexpected allergies!

We deliver fresh so you are able to portion and freeze as you please. Brownies should be frozen with in 24hours of receiving They can be kept in the freezer for up to 3 months and for the best results not longer than 2 weeks in the refrigerator. Always seal the brownies properly to avoid disappointment.

Defrost the pieces you need only and do not refreeze, Defrost by leaving on counter top for about an hour in a room temperature environment, heat slightly before serving.

It comes in one pan size    350x350x15 Makes +-50x50g



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