WBK By Chef Megan

Our History

WBK since 2017

WBK was started in April 2017 by myself and my partner. Myself with a passion for everything food on this new found animal free journey and him with a passion to help me succeed in providing exceptional baked goods and treats to the Cape Town area. He is the believer I needed to take the steps forward. We were small and completely inexperienced but that didn’t stop us from pursuing the dream.

After Many wins, countless fails and more complications (covid) we decided to separate from the business venture and go our separate business ways.

Fast Forward 2 years down the line and WBK By Chef Megan’ has been revamped. Building its brand and clients through direct, person to person sales out of my tiny WBK. We now ship most products all over SA.

The journey has been the best lesson I could have asked for.

We are excited for what is to come!

About Chef Megan

I am Chef Megan, South African born and bred. 

My beautiful hometown, Cape Town, sits at the end of our beautiful country soaking up the precious coast line and beautiful beaches.

I became a chef out of pure passion for food and flavours.

As a youngster I was drawn to the kitchen and often made family meals as well as everyone’s birthday cake celebrations.

As time went by i found myself drawn to the ability of baking and cooking completely animal free, for years I researched and studied the subject of food in this light and from then on have made it my mission to remove animal products from everything I get my hands on. 

The possibilities are endless and as we enter this new phase of the world and i am certain veganism will be on the forefront of this new way to live.