Snippets of our decadent Bakes.

No eggs , no dairy Just pure decadent deliciousness.


Decadent golden fried dough with varies toppings and fillings.


A cute cupcake from one of our variety box Fridays

GF Chocolate brownies

Epically Loaded Half brownie Tray

Doughnut Tower

Epic toffee and chocolate giant doughnuts

Ginger Lime cookie sandwhiches

Ginger cookies with lime creme & roasted pecan crumbs

Speciality order

A beautiful carrot cake with cookie sandwiches, pecans & an epic personalized cake topper.

Raw Blueberry Cashew cheeze Cake

Frozen dessert from our epic valentines dinner 2020

Speciality chocolate Ganache cake

7 Layers of chocolate cake sandwiched together with dark chocolate ganache and finished off with a Italian meringue buttercream.


Pink rose finish

Phyllo pies

Lentil sweet potato phyllo pies.

Vishy Canapes

Watermelon Vish served on lime & coriander Mexicorn w. Spring onion & soy reduction

Cheezi puffs

Potato & Carrot cheeze sauce in flaky puff pastry


We have epic platters available. Contact us

Chickpea quiche

Spicy red pepper & chickpea quiche in GF crust


Activated chickpea falafels


Our scones are amazing, made with the traditional fold method and lovely creamy buttermilk alternative.

Cupcakes & pies

Plantcafe camps bay Grand opening 2019

Autumn inspired

Vanilla sponge, vanilla icing caramel drip & chocolate gold leaves

Gold Bars

Cooked Coconut peanut toffee, cinnamon biscuit crust dipped in dark chocolate.

"Romany" style cremes

Micky mouse cupcakes

Sugar free Date cake

Honey comb

Honey comb never contained honey... Its named after the shape it creates!

GF Cupcakes

Gf cupcake variety, colorfully decorated for spring!

Micky Mouse Face

Character face cake

Birthday biscuits

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