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Saturday the 10th of August we had our 2nd Vegan bake sale, It was no doubt a huge success!

We didn’t sell out as we did the first time but we did meet a lot of interesting people and made great connections , and for the first time in a long time our planning and preparation was On point! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us and picked up all your yummy treats for the long weekend and Eid celebrations!

We have decided along with my starting point that we will be having a bake sale every Month from here on out, Our dates for the next 2 months will be released very soon!

 So now you have the opportunity to pick up single servings of  all your favorite baked goods and pastries, we can not contain our excitement, we love having our creations in the hands of the people who matter the most!


We would Like you to tell us what you’d like to see on the table!

Let us know what traditional or nontraditional Sweet treats you’d like to see veganized!

I am eager to get started , Bring on the challenge!!

 If your Idea is chosen we will be notifying you to come pick up a taster and give it a review! 

Remember the sky is only the beginning … not the limit! 


Visit our product page to check out what we have going on!

We are constantly changing, adding and improving our site.  All feedback is truly welcomed!


Now start getting creative we are waiting for epic suggestions! 


Stay tuned dates will be released  real soon!




Dont worry, get your sugar fix right here

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