Venus de Phyllo

Pie of the Gods


Simmered to perfection, these spicy Lentil & sweet potato Vegan curry pies are bursting with flavors

and nutrients, leaving you feeling satisfied and full for hours!

Best when made at home so your house can fill with the flavors and smells of this delicious Veganized meal!

We have decided to share some amazing recipes with you.

This is just one of our many tried and tested Veganized recipes coming your way!

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  • 200g chopped onion
  • 300g lentils, soaked for a few hours
  • 300g Sweet Potato, small cubes
  • 100ml fresh tomato, concussed & roughly chopped
  • 15ml curry powder of choice
  • 15ml Roasted Madras
  • 15ml smoked paprika
  • 15 ml salt
  • 5ml pepper
  • 10ml cumin
  • 15ml coriander
  • 100ml Vegan butter
  • 1 Roll Phyllo pastry
  • 5 cloves Garlic chopped



Prepare and weigh out all the ingredients mentioned above..

Just leave the phyllo and Vegan butter in the fridge for now.

Heat a deep bottomed saucepan with olive oil and add your onions. fry till translucent.

The secret here is lots of love, by that i mean salt.. Add half of the salt in with your onions NOW!

When your onions are ready add your concussed and chopped tomatoes with all your spices

& 1 flat teaspoon of chopped Garlic.

Fry for about 10min, mixing constantly to prevent sticking or burning.

the oils will start seeping out and it will have a paste like consistency when ready!

At this point you add your lentils and  fry them for a few seconds, then add the rest of the salt.

Add your sweet potatoes and enough water to cover the mix.

Let it simmer gently for about 45 min checking constantly so that you can add more water if you need!

When Its done the lentils will be soft all the water will be gone and you’ll be left with an amazing tasting sweet & spicy Lentil sweet potato Curry!

The next step is the hardest of all.. Letting it cool down without eating it all!!

After you’ve braved out that previous step you can start preparing your phyllo.

Cut the phyllo into 3 equal parts length ways (I got 13cm)

place these sheets on top of each other and cover with a damp towel to prevent drying out the pastry.. It becomes hard and a nightmare to work with if left out in the air!

In a microwave bowl add your garlic and Vegan Butter melt and mix… ummm smell that garlicky  goodness!

I hope you have a Pastry Brush Cause your going to need one!

Each pie contains 4 layers of crispy pastry , each layer smothered in garlic butter . Once the filling is added fold into a Samosa Style pastry with all sides nicely tucked in!

Bake @180C  for about 15min, Until golden brown and crispy!




Who wants a demonstration video???


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